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About Us

Franklyn Jewellery started its operations in Singapore during the year 1992 as a private jeweller. Initiating as a 1-man setup, the company was built traditionally through the years to establish a steady base of business and consumer customers.

With the expanding customer base, requirements of jewellery pieces become more demanding every step of the way. In order to keep up with the challenging jewellery industry, the company enforces high standards on the quality of gemstones supplied and intricacy of workmanship to keep customers satisfied with their purchases.

Now, Franklyn Jewellery has their own manufacturing units and specialises in creating high-end custom made jewelleries for both the local and international customers.

Since then, the business has also built a strong reputation for their excellent craftsmanship. Franklyn Jewellery has always held the belief that creating value for their customers superseded all other aspects of the business. This quality had constantly kept customers to always return for more.

Their exceptional quality attributed from having more than 40 years of experience in creating intricate jewellery pieces in both gold and platinum with diamonds and other precious stones. All jewellery manufacturing processes is either closely monitored to ensure consistent and outstanding productions.

As the demand for jewellery and their quality increases, Franklyn Jewellery has become the apparent choice for custom-made pieces. It is for the appreciators of the finest production and for those who seek value and substance as their choice.